Car Insurance

We accept that a car protections approach ought to be fast, simple and most of all - dependable. Thus, we have come up with a comprehensive arrangement that not as it were offers ideal security to your vehicle, but too makes a difference you fiscally in case of any disastrous event. Presently a scratch in your car will not cause a scratch in your funds. At Dependence Common Protections, we have fast and viable arrangements for all your car protections needs and more!

Here are few benefits offered by the policy:-

  • Instant Renewal without paperwork
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance Cover​
  • A Range of Add-on covers for enhanced protection

Comprehensive Damage Cover​

You will as of now be mindful that Third Party Obligation Car Protections is obligatory as per​ law. Hence, on the off chance that you own a car, you're commanded by law to require up a Third Party Risk Cover. In any case, taking up a car protections arrangement that doesn't compensate your possess harms appears futile, doesn't it? A comprehensive harm cover was created to offer a wide scope against all po​ssible harms emerging from a assortment of dangers.

Our comprehensive car protections approach offers assurance against harms caused to your car by way of dangers such as collisions, burglary, fire, and so on. Moreover, a comprehensive car protections approach moreover covers third-party liabilities and offers broad security for your car.